Wooden Puzzle | Mix & Match Dress-Up Bear

  • $14.95

Wooden Toy Bear Dress-Up Puzzle is the ideal little wooden toy puzzle to try out all sorts of outfits and mix and match tops and bottoms. This 18 piece kids puzzle can be put together in 216 combinations which includes the 6 different heads which have different expressions.

This wooden dress-up puzzle is very useful when it comes to discussing emotions and is a fantastic way to help children understand and give words to what they are feeling. "Is the little bear angry or happy?", "What is the bear angry about?", "What makes you angry". This wooden puzzle is in a very solid box with lid. The lid has a space cut into it where you can place the pieces of the puzzle. All the pieces fit into the box at pack-up time so everything is safe and kept in one spot. There is so much educational benefit and fun with this little wooden toy it is no wonder this style of puzzle has been around for so long. This puzzle also teaches kids about what things are likely to go together helping them to learn to preempt. eg we are going to the beach what are we likely to need? It is also fun to see the crazy combinations you can create.

 Size: 14 x 4 x 13cm

 Material: Wood childsafe paint.

 Age: 18 months +