Aloka | LED Colour Me & Shine Night Light - Dinosaur

  • $74.95

YES - Your kids can actually colour in this lamp. They get a lamp and an activity!! And it comes with cloth so they can rub it out and start again. Over and over and over....

The Aloka LED SleepyLights are beautifully designed kids night lights, made especially for children. The thoughtful design make them perfect for a nursery or child's room of any age and safe for kids to touch and use. The multitude of designs and the colour changing options mean they will suit any décor or room theme.  More importantly though, they will delight your child. The designs, the rainbow of colours - magic!

Each Sleepy Light design is a white image printed on clear acrylic. Come night time the crisp white design come alive with colour, with thirteen different shades to choose from, and a child friendly remote control to switch between them – or a Rainbow function for those who cannot decide.

The Aloka Colour me range comes complete with 8 specialised pens that can be used to colour in the design printed onto the Acrylic section of the light and a small cleaning cloth. The colouring pens have been designed to give a solid colour and the best colouring quality possible. The Aloka Colour me range takes the Aloka Sleepy Light with all its amazing features and top safety specifications and makes it an interactive and personalisable gift idea!

Coloured LED’s used in the SleepyLight are dimmable, with four levels of brightness, and the following functions:

Sleep – Automatically lowers the lamps brightness to low levels perfect for sleeping

Timer – The night light will turn off after one hour

Rainbow – A gentle cycle through the colours of the rainbow

Side Lamp – Pure white light at the brightest level, perfect for reading to


  • Colour in your light!
  • Cleaning cloth allows the light to be cleaned and coloured in as many times as your child likes
  • White pen allows the light to be personalised by writing names etc.
  • Low 5 voltage no heat LED
  • Use buttons on base to turn on/ off, change colour and dim
  • Use remote to change colour, dim each colour, set rainbow function, set timer function, set Lamp function and enable sleep fade function
  • Can be powered from battery or any USB source, including multi‐port powered USB hubs
  • All-in-one packaging

What is included:

  • Your upright design
  • Battery operated base with buttons
  • 3 X AA Batteries
  • USB Cable
  • Interactive remote
  • 5 x specialised colouring pens (including 1 x white for writing names etc.)
  • Small micro-fibre cleaning cloth

    Dimensions: 220mm high/ 150mm wide/ 30mm deep